Our App

Finally. Burn that notebook, put away that calculator, say goodbye to Excel forever. Tycoonapp is your income at your fingertips.

Instantly record your freelance jobs when you are on-the-go.

Know your total income at all times and see it as paid, waiting, and overdue.

Receive notifications when a client doesn’t pay on time.

Send email reminders to clients straight from the app.

Know how much to save for taxes from each job.

Export your freelance income data to your accountant.

Record jobs in any currency in the world.


Want to add your historical job data straight away? 

Send us your screenshots, Excel sheets, pictures of notebook pages, or however you’re currently keeping track of your jobs and we will quickly enter your freelance jobs into your account.

Is it safe to give you my information?

We take your privacy very seriously. Your personally identifiable information is encrypted and secured once it’s entered into our system.

How can I get started?

Download the app and contact us at services@tycoonapp.com to ask for more information.