Jess Perez, CEO & Founder.

Tycoon was created to financially empower the freelancer.

Millions of Americans are turning to freelancing because of the freedoms associated with the lifestyle. But every freelancer knows there is a price they pay to reap the benefits of these freedoms. Uncertain income, chasing down clients for payments, confusing tax calculations, expensive health insurance, and no retirement plan are all too familiar.

Everything we do here at Tycoon is designed to ease your financial pains. Our first product is an income/payment tracking app that will enable you to keep track of your paid and unpaid jobs in an easy, mobile way.

Tycoon is the brainchild of Jess Perez, a successful fashion model who, despite counting Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated among her clients, struggled with the very same challenges that every freelancer faces. Jess created her own financial systems to be able to achieve financial independence and is now dedicated to helping her colleagues and other freelancers do the same.