Jess: My freelance journey to Tycoon


Our founder, Jess Perez, sat down with Malie Bingham from and talked about how her biggest challenges as a model lead to the creation of Tycoon.

Click here to watch the full video interview!

On her biggest challenge as a freelancer.
“You don’t have consistent work, so you have to be careful with your money. One of the challenges in fashion in particular is that often clients take anywhere between 60-120 days to pay you, or longer. So, I always lived with the mindset of stretching out pay checks and saving money wherever I could.”

Finance talks on fashion sets.
“On 85% of my shoots, finances would come up. The makeup artist, hair stylist, and photographer would be talking about how some client didn’t pay, how some agency ran away with their money, or they were talking about not knowing the correct tax code and what you can or cannot write off. All of these financial problems came up.”

The need for Tycoon. 
“We all need to know how much money are we making, who stills owes us money, who we need to send that extra email to. I started to think, ‘What if you have simplified language and a simplified tool to help you do the basics of what you should be doing in order to succeed financially?’ That was the basis of why I started Tycoon.”

Know your numbers.
“Don’t rely on someone else to give you information about your finances, rely on yourself. Ask for your money, you have a right to get paid. Know what you’ve earned. Pay your taxes on time.”

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