The freelancer’s side hustle. How to make that extra change.


Sometimes the freelance work we do is not enough to fulfill us creatively or financially. Enter side hustle. A side hustle is a great a way to supplement your income and keep your creative juices flowing. Here are some steps on how to realize the income earning potential you possess.

Assess Your Time
Balancing your jobs and projects with a side hustle takes organization, time management, and focus. Start off by answering these questions: How many hours a week are available to you to dedicate to something else? Can you utilize lunch breaks or commute time to accomplish tasks for your side hustle? Can you juggle work and a side hustle while still making time for friends, family, hobbies, and yourself?

Come up with ideas to make extra $$
Have a great closet? Rent it out. Apps like VillageLuxe allow you to rent out your designer clothing and shoes on a weekly basis. Do you like dogs? Dog owners pay up to $50 a night to board their dog at daycare. Next time your friends are going out of town, tell them you can help out at a lower cost. Have extra space? Rent out a room in your home, especially if you’re in Miami and San Diego, the most profitable cities for Airbnb hosts. For more ideas, check out this list of ways you can make cash on the side.

Think outside the box
Think about how your skill set could be applied differently within your industry or to a different industry altogether. If you’re a makeup artist who is used to working on photo shoots, offer in-person makeup tutorials to people you know. If you’re a writer used to writing articles for magazines, reach out to tech companies looking for content. Another popular way to start a work related side hustle is to teach your skills online through platforms like Skillshare and Udemy.

Pursue your passion
Pay attention to things you feel passionately about and how they can help fuel financial stability. If you’re a web designer who loves illustration and fashion, create your own online shop on Teespring with clothing that features your designs. If you’re more of an arts and crafts type of person, sites like Etsy and Deviant Art connect your hand-made and artistic products to a huge, global audience. Sharing your opinion and blogging/vlogging about your passion is also a great way to increase your expertise and make some money.

Monetize your social network
Brands are always looking for ways to reach more people. If you have a large, engaged, or niche enough social media audience, you can get paid to advertise to them. You can make a commission on sales from a link you post or get sponsored to tweet, blog, or post about a certain product.

Once you’ve worked out how many hours a day you can give to your side hustle, choose one and get started!

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