T – 6 months. Time for your freelancer’s mid-year check-in.

Freelancers midyear check in.

Freelancers mid-year check-in.

June has come and gone and the mid-year mark is officially here. This means it’s time to see whether you’re still on track for the goals you set for 2017. If you want to make sure you achieve the targets you set out to reach, reflect on the progress you’ve made so far and work out if there are some changes you can make.

1. How is your cash flow?
Analyze your financial behavior. Do you know what your yearly income is so far? Have you been setting aside money for taxes? Did you pay your estimated quarterly taxes?

Focus on whether you’ve made more, less, or the same amount of money in the first 6 months of 2017 as you did in 2016. What has changed? What have you been doing right or what could you be doing better? If you can get to the bottom of why you’re earning more or less than what you want to be making, then you can do more of what’s helping your freelance career and less of what’s hurting it.

2. On the right path. 
Think about the quality of the work you’ve done this year. Have you been working with clients and on projects that you want to be working on? How many of these people would you want to work with again? How did you land these gigs? Answering these questions will help you determine whether or not you’re moving your career in the right direction.

3. It’s a digital world. 
Review your website and social media platforms. For freelancers, it’s important to have a website and social platforms that accurately advertise your freelance skills and services. Does your digital presence show your newest and best work? Are your posts driving more traffic and engagement? Does your brand stand out against your competition? Investing time and money in enhancing your digital presence will only help you in the long run.

4. Connect the dots.
Evaluate your networking skills. The network you have now should look different than the one you had at the beginning of the year. Whether you’ve attained new clients and contacts in your industry or acquired a mentor, a wider network can bring new work, ideas, and friends. Ask yourself if you’ve made the type of connections you wanted to make. If not, what is stopping you?

5. Do you have good balance?
Recognize that time truly is precious. Aside from work, have you been actively dedicating time to leisure and the things you love? Are you happy with your work-life balance? Do you keep putting off that passion project you keep meaning to start? If so, think about what can you cut out of your schedule to prioritize life outside of work.

6. Never too cool for school.
Learning is a life long endeavor and the more you know, the more helpful you are to your clients and the more you can charge. Did you take that course, read that book, or develop those new skills you wanted to learn? If you haven’t made time yet but still want to expand your knowledge, we recommend checking out Skill Share for a variety of online lessons for freelancers.

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