Freelance fun-employment. 5 tips to manage the lulls.

“Slow months” are a reality for freelancers. Instead of having a freak-out, here’s some advice on how to make the most of your time off.

1. Catch up on cash. Instead of focusing your energy on that ‘next job you haven’t gotten yet’, focus your attention on getting paid for the jobs you’ve already done. Make sure you’ve sent out all the invoices you were supposed to send out. Check in with clients that still owe you payment by sending them polite email reminders or giving them a ring.

2. A helping hand. When you’ve got free time, you can lend your expertise to projects you believe in pro bono. These can often be more rewarding than the day-to-day work you do and can lead your collaborators to hire you for future work. If you’re not sure what kind of project you want to give your time to, check out Idealist, which connects professionals to volunteer opportunities.

3. Re-connect. Send emails to your network highlighting a recent job or project you worked on to remind them you’re open for business. Sometimes getting more work is simply a matter of getting back on people’s radar.

4. Reward yourself with points. Check your credit and loyalty cards for any points you might have accumulated and use them to make purchases. We love The Points Guy to stay up to date with the best rewards cards and deals out there.

 5. Invest time in yourself. When you’re really busy working, you often wish you had time to learn new things, see friends and family, dedicate time to your hobbies, or simply veg out for a night or two. Give yourself permission to enjoy the flexible schedule you signed up for before work starts to pick up again.

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