One is the loneliest number. Coping with isolation.

Combat freelancer isolation.

When you don’t have coworkers, loneliness can creep up on you. Here are 6 actions you can take to feel better when you work solo.

Join a co-working space. Not only will it combat loneliness, being around others increases creativity and focus. Don’t want to go full-time? Check out Jelly, a great alternative to more traditional co-working. Jelly runs special co-working days where freelancers and business owners come together in the same space to work.

Group therapy
Go to a freelancers’ meetup or start your own group to connect you to the people in your community. Find a freelance partner and commit to checking in on each other and share work goals.

Chat roomies
Find an online community that you can log into at any time. An online forum can get you feedback on a work problem or help you be in the know of what people in your field are working on. For the ladies, we like Slack’s “Ladies Get Paid” channel.

Fresh air
Set up meetings in person at a coffee shop or park instead of over the phone to get you out of the house. One of the easiest ways to feel better when you’re lonely is to simply get outside. With the goal of taking a meeting tied to your outing, you’ll be knocking isolation on its head.

Busy bee
Make an effort to keep a busy schedule and leave less room for loneliness to schedule itself in. If your work is slow, designate time to dropping off the dry clean you never get around to or cooking a home cooked meal. We also recommend listening to podcasts to help you keep your mind occupied. If you have a love for old school fitness videos, check out the awesome “Missing Richard Simmons” podcast.

Let the light in
Feelings of isolation are heightened by darkness. Natural light is a mood booster, so work by a window if possible. Make your work space your “happy place” by keeping a tidy desk or clean studio.

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