Your data. Your new BFF.

Freelance smarter with Tycoon. 

Freelance smarter with Tycoon.

Information. It can change your life. Three freelancers share how they are using Tycoon to make more money, get paid faster, and freelance smarter.

1. Play that sweet music. 
“Income from gigs can be really unpredictable. As a musician, I either get paid a flat fee to perform or I get paid what I make on the door from ticket sales. I love looking at the income from gigs where I make money on the door and saying, “Ok, I want to earn $50 more next time. I’m going to make a conscious effort to personally invite 15 more people to the next show, and 5 will probably come and pay $10 for a ticket.” Seeing the actual amount I earn from these gigs helps me get motivated to do better next time.” – Nora, musician

2. Red alert!
“Seeing my jobs turn red and overdue has helped me a lot! The feelings of anger I get from this has made me take some constructive steps to change it. I don’t see why my massage therapist gets paid on the day or my accountant expects his bill to be paid immediately, but I should have to wait 30 to 60 days. So, I’ve shortened my standard payment terms to 15 days for most jobs. Clients generally feel bad when payments are overdue, so as long as I’ve stated what my expected terms are beforehand, I can contact them sooner if payments are late.” – Aaron, graphic designer

3. It’s in the details.
“I add details about the job I do into the notes section of the “add job” page. I write down stuff like where my client said they were going on vacation or a new animation technique I tried out. Then at the end of the month, I go back into the app and read through the notes I’ve made for each job. It means I can check in on the people I’ve met, or see how I’ve worked on my craft since then.” – Bibi, animator

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