You’re very flexible.

Take advantage of your flexible freelance schedule. Take advantage of your flexible freelance schedule.

A flexible schedule is one of the bonuses of being a freelancer. Here are some tips to make the most out of your variable, freelance schedule.

1. Seize the day. Build structure into your day with an early morning routine. With freelance work schedules changing from day to day, routines are one of the best ways for freelancers to create stability, feel grounded, and get things done. Check out this easy 24 minute morning routine to get focused.

2. Life imitates art. Because your office space is any place, why not work or take meetings somewhere unusual for the day? Try coffee shops at museums or art galleries for an inspirational environment that gets your creative juices flowing.

3. The work-rest rule. Are you a night owl? Do you love the mornings? Get to work when you know you are most productive and work for sessions of 60-90 minutes, followed by a 15-20 minute break. Studies show that this work-rest ratio is best for productivity.

4. Sweat it out. Break up your day by working out. Research by Elon University suggests that exercising in the middle of your work day just before ‘the afternoon slump’ boosts cognitive abilities, gives you energy, and reduces body aches and pains. If you work from home, YouTube can be your best friend. Check out the Fitness Blender channel, which has over 450 free workouts.

5. The sharpest tool in the kit. For those days when you’re in between jobs, take the time to learn something new. Coursera offers a wealth of online courses to help you develop your business. We love one of their most popular courses, The Science of Success.

6. Passion projects. Use your down time to focus on side projects to build upon your craft, skills, and portfolio. To make sure you get your creative projects off the ground, schedule time to work on them in the same way you would for your paid work.

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