So zen right now. Conscious spending is a thing.

Get a hold of your freelance finances with conscious spending.  Get a hold of your freelance finances with conscious spending.

Where does your money go? Follow your spending trail and let the power of awareness lead you to saving money or cutting down on costs.

Can’t live, if living is without you. 
We all have those necessary costs we can’t live without. These are fixed expenses you have to pay each month like rent, medical insurance and your cell phone bill. Tally up these costs so you know your monthly, minimum expense amount.

In your control.  
There are necessary expenses like transportation, that can vary significantly depending on your choices. Whether you choose to take a taxi or hop on the subway to get home can make a big difference in your monthly spending. Make sure you know if and when it’s worth it to spoil yourself.

The little things add up. 
After making a list of fixed and flexible expenses, take a look at your “extra” spending. If you’re spending $4 on a daily latte, think about how that number translates into a monthly latte expenditure (eek!). How much could you save if you cancel your ESPN subscription and instead go to a sports bar when a big game is on?

Out of sight, out of mind. 
If you have trouble with impulse spending, impose the 30 day rule on yourself. When you get the itch to purchase something expensive, stop and ask yourself, “Can I wait to buy this?”. If you’re still haunted by the thought of the purchase a month later, then that’s a good indication that it will add some value to your life.

Method to the madness. 
For the best results, we recommend looking at your expenses over the course of at least 3 months to get a clear picture of your spending habits.

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