Work it out. 7 tips to work more as a freelancer.

The strategy to working more as a freelancer. 

Go bold or go home. Working more as a freelancer is not about luck, it’s about strategy. Make plans, map out goals and put yourself out there; it’ll pay off.

1. That was cold. 
Cold calling is not a thing of the past. Clients spend time searching for new talent and a fresh voice. Why not bump yourself up to the front of the line and make the first move? Contact people you would like to work with and make a case for why you would be the perfect fit for their awesome business. If anything, they will appreciate the ego stroke.

2. Can’t be a fling. 
Regular clients are the key to the longevity of a freelancing career. Think about how much money you make per year off of a single client. Be smart and prioritize the clients that can make your year.

3. One is the loneliest number…
Networking is a social skill and an ongoing activity. Try to actively grow out your networks by attending events and connecting with freelancers who can complement (not compete) with your skill set. Team up with someone and sell yourselves as a packaged deal. Check out these tips for how best to expand your network.

4. There’s a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy. 
Getting set up on a date is not the only way your friends can come in handy. Send your friends an email with a link to your site or portfolio and a description of the type of clients you are looking for. This could trigger them to remember someone whose been looking for your exact talent.

5. Be like Kim K. 
Said no one ever. Like it or not, having to use social media for self-promotion is the world we live in. Take advantage of your social channels to show the world what you’re working on and attract new clients. Be sure to tag your photos and have others tag you. Consider spending some $ and boost your posts on Facebook if you think it’ll get you the attention you need.

The internet loves you and that’s why it created websites like Toptal, WeWorkRemotely and Craigslist to help freelancers find more work. It’s worthwhile to check in regularly with sites like these to keep the cash coming in.

7. Freebies.   
Free stuff builds loyalty. If there’s a company you really want to work for, volunteer to write a blog, photograph an event, or do some design work for free. Your donated time can prove to a prospective client that your work is worth paying for. If you don’t want to work for free, consider offering them a discount. Either way, make it clear that your generosity is a one time deal!

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