New year. New Resol-you-tions

It's time to get your freelance life together. 

It’s time to get your freelance life together.


Hello, 2017! Now that that b**tch 2016 is out the way, it’s time for a fresh new start. A new year of possibilities, dreams to chase and mistakes to make is awaiting you! Here are a few resolutions that will help you bring it and kill it this year:

  1. The more you know…

Learning is a lifelong endeavor. This year, make it a priority to add to your skill set and learn on your own schedule. Platforms like Lynda, Khan Academy or Coursera offer free or affordable courses where you can learn anything from how to use Photoshop to improving your digital marketing game. The more you know, the more valuable you are to your clients.

  1. Power off.

Move over tech, a peaceful mind is in vogue. It’s easy to get your mind spinning in the morning while you lay in bed going through your FB birthday notifications and scrolling through your Instagram feed. Set up a tech-free morning routine that gives your brain a break and helps you ground yourself for the day to come. Try to meditate, read a chapter of a book, or write in a journal for a specified amount of time–and stick to it.

  1. You’re worth it.

Your rent is going up and so should your rates. If you’ve been working with a client for longer than 8 months, you’ve proven your worth to them so it’s time to ask them to increase your rate. As the saying goes, “you don’t get what you don’t ask for”.

  1. Separation of work and play.

Even though it may be convenient to roll out of bed to make your coffee and then crawl back in with your laptop to get some work done, your workspace should be the place where work, and only work, gets done. Make a commitment to set up your workspace in a cozy corner in your apartment or at a nearby cafe, where you can zone out the world and zone in on your work. You can also try a drop-in membership to a co-working space in your city, which is also a great way to meet other freelancers. If you’re a New Yorker, check out Raaly.

  1. Who’s who?

Make it a point to keep a client database this year. Whether that’s on a spreadsheet or in a notebook, jot down their contact info and when you were last in contact with them. Record additional information like where they are from or the name of their dog so you can mention something personal the next time you get in touch. Make it a point to check in with them at least once every 3 months so you can stay on their radar.

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