Client gift giving. A necessary good for freelancers.

How to build strong relationships with clients for a successful freelancing career. 

How to build strong relationships with clients for a successful freelancing career.

As a freelancer, it’s important to establish strong relationships with your clients/managers/agents in order to guarantee your long-term success. One of the ways you can help solidify relationships and guarantee yourself more work is by showing gratitude towards the people who are responsible for giving you jobs.

Not only is it the gracious thing to do, it’s also a great way to remind clients that you exist (remember me?!) and keep you in mind for jobs in the upcoming year. Don’t give up the opportunity to give a gift that will keep on giving.

A financial bonus for generosity: If you live in the U.S., you can deduct up to $25 per person for any client gift you purchase.

In case you come up dry on ideas, here are 10 thoughtful gift ideas for your clients or collaborators:

1. Booze + schmooze. Everyone loves a good bottle of something around the holidays to break open and toast the past year. We recommend mulled wine for a spiced holiday drink. Let the good feelings and spirits flow!

2. Morning coffee or afternoon tea. High quality tea and coffee sets are a great alternative to gifting alcohol. Make your choices festive with holiday flavors like gingerbread, cinnamon and peppermint mocha.

3. Did you say chocolate?! Not only is chocolate delicious, it also has health benefits like releasing pleasure endorphins in your brain. Make your clients feel good when they think of you!

4. For the coffee table. Coffee table books are a great living room addition for the client who loves art, culture and stunning imagery. Popular table top topics include today’s fashion icons, the Earth from above, and the latest in modern art from around the world.

5. Throw me that blanket, it’s chilly!  Throw blankets not only add extra warmth during the winter months, they can be a decorative accent to your client’s home.

6. It’s showtime. Tickets to a show make for a memorable night out. Plus, there are many great non-profit theater companies so buying tickets to these productions means that you are giving for good.

7. Family time. For clients with children, getting his/her family passes to an ice skating rink or museum will add a more thoughtful touch and help them celebrate the holidays with their loved ones.

8. Chillax to the max. The gift of a spa experience (massage, facial) for someone who has been working tirelessly is a great way to encourage them to pamper themselves and relax.

9. Shine a light. Candles are an easy but elegant gift to give. Soy candles are cleaner for the environment, give off stronger scents, and last up to 50% longer!

10. Wrap up warm. A cashmere scarf is a classic gift to give during the holiday season. If you buy a name brand, your client will bundle up in luxury.

Finally, bring back Christmas cards. Handwriting a holiday note with your gift adds a nice touch and let’s you express gratitude in a memorable way.

If you still don’t know what to get: Try out our favorite gift recommendation app, Token (U.S. only).

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