One hundred billion whatever you want


How to save your jobs in any currency in the world with Tycoon.

Tracking income from various clients is tricky. Things get even trickier if you have clients throughout the world that pay you in different currencies. As the definition of the ‘workplace’ continues to be redefined by technology, having a good sense of how our base (or “home”)¬†currency translates into others becomes more important.

That’s exactly why here at Tycoon we decided to stay ahead of the game and build out our powerful,¬†multiple currency feature. Not only can you set your base currency to whatever currency your heart desires, you can also save jobs in multiple currencies. That is, if your base currency is the US Dollar, you can enter a job in Euros and Tycoon will show you the daily conversion rate from USD to EUR.

We built out this feature with our international friends and global domination for freelancers in mind. We hope you enjoy it!

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